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Quality European dairy products

Quality of dairy products in the European Union is high, which is allowed by an intelligent and highly sophisticated quality control system.

The quality milk products recommended for this information and promotion programme are:

Dairy SpreadCurd and curd-based productsYogurt

Promoted dairy products under the campaign “Quality European Milk Products” come from the Czech Republic, which has a quality system fully harmonized with the European Union. The fundamental principle for all Czech milk processors is in their activities stringent quality control and product safety and traceability leading to the satisfaction of consumers in all countries where the products are delivered. The system covers the entire vertical column often referred to as "from field to fork".

Fresh milk is delivered to the Czech dairies for processing daily from trusted farmers, who are supervised by the State Veterinary Authority. It controls not only the good health of cows and proper handling of raw milk in the primary production, but also the welfare of the animals, their feeding system and in particular compliance with the strictest parameters for production and storage of milk in farms.

After the milk is delivered to dairies, the quality is checked at arrival with the use of analysis at independent accredited central milk labs, audited again by the state veterinary supervision.

After checking the quality parameters prescribed in the laboratory, the raw milk is processed into individual products according to guiding technological processes of production and continuously monitored in all phases of manufacturing and technological processing steps according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements and a number of international standards such as IFS, ISO, BRC, and more. Exporters of products to the Russian Federation must in addition demonstrate that they meet the demanding requirements of the Federal laws of the Russian Federation for milk, which are controlled by the Russian veterinary service.

Tight control also applies to all direct packaging materials, components, additives and processing aids and sanitation means that must comply with European food legislation.

Before the release of finished products to the market, individual production batches undergo final inspection of prescribed, legally binding and declared parameters in corporate control laboratories. Analytical methods used are also regularly tested in accredited laboratories.

When storing and transporting products to business partners, maintenance of the cold chain is permanently covered. This system is closely monitored and all data is recorded and maintained so that causes of problems can always be quickly detected in the system of "traceability" and corrective measures are taken.

Satisfaction of the final consumer with high quality of European milk products always remains the primary objective of management, production, inspection and logistics processes of European dairy industry.